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Good Friday!

Have you ever had to say goodbye to a loved one in any fashion? Maybe they were going on a trip, moving, a deployment or even in death. There is that feeling when we send them off of remorse, hurt, and even sometimes there is anger inside of our hearts with that good bye.

Today, I am grateful to Jesus for taking up the cross for my sins. This is something He did not have to do. As God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit in the trinity of our Lord, He is in perfect relationship with Himself. Yet, He found us, you, and I worthy to die on the cross for our sins. Just so we can have that relationship with God today through the Holy Spirit.

Jesus as the perfect sacrifice allowed Himself to be crucified. A question I ask myself as a Christian (little Christ) is; Can I allow others to sin and still love on them? Do I turn away when it gets to tough, do I snap back at them and say regretful things?

When Christ died on the cross as He was taking on our sins, so we could have a relationship with the one and, only God, His Father. Who at that time had to look away. For He can only see perfection, sinless people. So when I, you, or anyone that accepts Christ into their lives will receive the Holy Spirt to have that relationship with God. Not that we become sinless, but we accept the sacrifice of His Son for our atonement for our sins.

As we recognize that we see Jesus in that moment knew that He was going to have to not see His Father, that He would be separated for a small moment in time. But He knew He would spend eternity with Him. He knew He was going to see His Father again. He knew He had to temporarily say goodbye for the greater good of all humanity. So, I ask you today; can you surrender your free will to Jesus, and have faith that in the end, you will spend eternity with God?

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